Back pain is debilitating and can cause long-term issues. You can look at every conceivable reason

as to what might be causing your discomfort, but more often than not, it is your mattresses. If

your mattress is causing your back pain, then it’s time to get a new one. Not enough attention is

given to maintaining and replacing mattresses, which is disconcerting, considering the health


Mattresses are designed for support, comfort and durability. They do more than just provide a

space for you to lay your body and head; mattresses are design based on research and specialised


Back pain sufferers experience disturbed sleep and many report serious sleep disorders, due to

pain and discomfort. Regular occurrences of sleep disruption can seriously exacerbate any back

discomfort, turning it into a chronic condition, and lack of sleep eventually impacts your overall

health and lifestyle. Prevent any further sleep deprivation problems with the right mattress and


Mattresses, as a rule, have a lifespan of a decade. There are so many mattress ranges available

today, so choosing the right one requires consultation with mattress specialists who will work

with you to determine what you need.

Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses are becoming extremely popular for reducing back pain, as they support the

curvature of the spine, leading to a more refreshing night’s rest. There are several other factors

that make a firm mattress effective, such as the toughness of the inner springs and the durability

and comfort of the visco, gel infused visco, latex, gel infused latex, wool and memory foam.

Mattresses that are too firm can exacerbate pain by exerting too much pressure. The idea is for a

mattress to maintain firmness, while sufficiently supporting every part of your body, regardless of

your sleep position.

Choosing the right firm mattress from the right manufacturer is easy enough with Bedroom

Trends, as we stock several brands that produce premium quality firm mattresses designed for

comfort and durability.


Slumberking is a recognised brand that offers mattresses of various levels of firmness. Choose

between the gentle-firm or firm ranges. Both offer great support for your back and provide

superb comfort, but the firm mattress is recommended for those who are above average in

weight, and those with larger builds. The inner springs and memory foam or latex are designed to

accommodate larger builds.

The gentle-firm mattress range is quite popular, as it is a comfortable combination of comfort and

firmness. A comfortable solution to accommodate those with back pain.


A highly regarded brand that creates various mattresses, manufactured for orthopaedic and

contour requirements. They are designed to maintain a comfortable resting position, without the

memory foam giving up after a long stretch of work.

Slumbercare produces firm mattresses that don’t mould to the contour of your body, but rather

comfortably accommodate you, without compromising the health and comfort of your spine and

back muscles.

Simply the Best

This brand offers a range of chiropractic mattresses that feature high-density foam, treated to

maintain shape and strength to accommodate extra weight. They are also covered in comfortable

material that is easy to clean and acts as a comforter underneath your sheets.

Each of these brands feature temperature-controlling material that allows for easy breathing of

the mattress and is suitably padded to ensure the inner-springs remain in place, thereby

extending the life of your mattress.

Choose your back-friendly mattress today and discover what it’s like to get a good night’s rest.