Your bedroom is a true reflection of your personal style and much like any other room, you can

add stylish candlesticks, curtains, cushions and a plethora of accessories that adequately reflect

your personality. The style of your bed, however, remains much the same as everyone else’s in

the world. What if your bed could also truly encompass your ideal comfort zone and be designed

to meet your decor requirements?

Get in on the latest bedroom trends with personalised designs, based entirely on your unique

style and functional preferences. There are many material options available to you, such as wood,

plastic, and metal, all of which can be structured, moulded and sculpted to perfectly meet your

vision. Perhaps you prefer a unique headboard that is embellished with Indonesian village

designs, or you’re looking for understated elegance that encompasses a more simplistic view of

minimalism. Choose from a variety of products, imported directly from China and Malaysia and

then modify yours as you wish, before manufacture.

Enjoy the unique style provided by your bespoke:

  • Sleigh bed
  • Designer Fabric beds
  • Natural timbered bed
  • Leather beds

Made from the finest imported Chestnut, Acacia or Rubber woods, these beds can be modified

and designed to complement a range of bedroom accessories, which can also be made to match

your new bedroom.

Bedroom trends has been doing this for years and our experience has taken us across the globe,

to revamp clients’ bedrooms with exclusive designs, which are based on the latest designs.

Choose a bed and modify it prior to manufacture, or create an entirely new bed from stunning

Australian wood that includes:

  • Marri
  • Jarrah
  • Victorian Ash
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Blackwood
  • Blackbutt

For 2015, we are looking towards Moroccan and Indonesian styles with an emphasis on four-

poster beds, which create a classy ambience for any bedroom. Natural materials such as wood are

firm favourites and represent a spa or retreat-like style that reflects peace and calm. What’s more

we always strive to utilise the space under the bed as storage space, which is something unique to

Bedroom Trends beds.

Your bedroom is naturally more than just a bed; accessories play a vital role in complementing

whichever style you prefer. With the right bedroom trends specialist, you can achieve an overall

designer bedroom with everything available under one roof.

Don’t despair if your bedroom is not the size of a tropical island, or a sleepy village, you can create

that ideal space to escape to, with Bedroom Trends. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your

personality, or your ideal getaway. Revamp your bedroom and live the dream.